Wollongong Flower Delivery

Dusty Gypsy is a boutique florist located on Keira Street at Wollongong CBD. We offer high quality flowers and unique designs with same day delivery service.

We are intuitive dreamers who create with the highest levels of authenticity. Our creativity has no limits, we design thoughtfully and deliver smoothly.

Flower Care

Ensure your vase is clean and filled with fresh water every 2 days. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts and heat/air conditioning. Any extreme changes in temperature will shorten their life. Most flowers live the longest in cooler rooms without direct sun. Phalaenopsis orchids and Hydrangeas can be fully submerged in water overnight once a week to help longevity. Re-trimming the stems at a 45 degree angle will also help keep flowers fresh as it allows them to drink more water.

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